Information Risk
The scale and breadth of what must be understood to successfully manage information risk is massive including areas where assumptions and interpretations have to be made. The question is – is your corporation well enough versed in all these area’s to successfully manage information risk and to make calculated decisions? ...Learn More
Staser Consulting Group is proud to offer BUILDER® a program developed by the U.S. Corps of Engineers. As technology transfer partners we are finally able to offer this system to the private sector. SCG is the only licensed company in the State of Alaska to use this system. BUILDER® is a Sustainment Management System (SMS) for facilities/infrastructure asset lifecycle management created by the U.S. Corps of Engineers and is currently used by several branches of the DoD, FBI, NASA, FAA and others. ...Learn More
SIMS® (Staser Information Management System)
This document provides an overview of the Staser Information Management System application provided to clients for the benefit of aligning information with business processes and more efficiently accessing business information. The SIMS product will provide integrated access to the five key quadrants of enterprise information management: strategy, people, processes, policies, and technologies. ...Learn More