Business Intelligence (BI)
Customized BI support systems that deliver fact-based decision making by applying a range of real-time analytics to specific business processes. ...Learn More
Process Improvement & Needs Assessment
Improvement solutions that align with organizational metrics and strategies for collecting, managing, and maintaining data through operational needs assessment. ...Learn More
Compliance & Governance
Regulatory compliance initiatives, ISO and ANSI compliant solutions, Sarbanes Oxley, HIPPA, FERC and other federal, state, and local expertise, with advanced legal research, data metrics, and report cards. ...Learn More
Digitized Platform
Expert consultation on data warehousing schemas and small and large scale implementations with a comprehensive understanding of user needs. ...Learn More
Security & Data Center Facility
Independent assessment of single or multiple security systems, encompassing both physical and virtual aspects and compliance with key policies and other considerations. ...Learn More
Organizational Change & Development
Guide complex organization change, from strategic vision to implementable tasks, with an emphasis on diagnosis and problem solving within a digital economy. ...Learn More
Regulatory Affairs
Expertise in national to local permitting, particularly on streamlining data acquisition, storage and sharing among federal, state and local authorities. ...Learn More
SCG is proud to offer BUILDER® as a licensed technology transfer partner with the U.S. Corps of Engineers. BUILDER® is a Sustainment Management System (SMS) for facilities andinfrastructure lifecycle management. ...LearnMore
SIMS® (Staser Information Management System)
SIMS is an innovative process management tool that integrates five elements of effective decision-making and operations management: strategy, policy, process, people, and technology. ...Learn More